Inflatable Animals help market your business or product
Inflatable Animals help market your business or product

Inflatable Animals - The Home of the Inflatable Animal

Inflatable Animals are fun, there is no way of getting around it. When you then combine it with your brand, a Sale event or a product launch, you get some serious attention.

At Inflatable Animals we are able to take your product, character or idea and turn it in to a real life inflatable.
We digitally print and are pantone specific, so if you have a brand that you need to be exact on... no problem.

Below you can also find other similar ways to advertise your product or business.


Our Products

  • Giant Inflatable Animals

    Ground based Animals are are a unique way of promoting your business, brand or event. Standing at up to 20ft high they are the ideal way to capture attention.

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  • Small PVC Animals

    Inflatable Animals PVC animals are ideal for promotional ideas and gifts, exhibitions or simply are a great way for a company to get noticed and have fun.

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  • Helium Animals

    Helium Animals are large helium filled inflatables usually for outdoor events, and indoor exhibitions where the height is slightly larger.

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  • Inflatable Animals to Rent

    If you have a last minute event, a short term promotion or simply forgot you needed something, we can help with our rental inflatables.

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